Friday, December 31, 2010

The curse of the frozen veggies

What a terrible run. It should have been great, the weather was unseasonable for December, we even had our windows open today. But my legs hurt like hell only 1.5 miles in, and I was terribly slow to boot. I'm not sure if it was the foam rolling yesterday or the compression socks today; both are supposed to help with shin splints, and here I sit with frozen veggies on my legs again :(

I guess this is why people keep training logs - I need more information. If I foam roll again and don't wear the socks, will it get better? Or vice versa? Or how about I just keep running....I know shin splints is a disease of newbies who do too much too fast, but I really thought I was taking it at a "smart" pace, taking walk breaks like Mr. Galloway says, and backing off the mileage because I'd been down for awhile. Oh well, I don't think they're full-on shin splints yet, and by now, I know what to do about them, I guess. Still frustrating.

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